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  • Why do I need to think about my travel?

    The Olympic and Paralympic Games are fast approaching.  Next summer will be very exciting.   London and the rest of the UK will be alive with lots of activity and the city will be busy.   This means that at certain times and at certain locations the public transport and highways networks will also be very busy.  In order to avoid the travel hotspots, please plan ahead as soon as you can.   This site gives you all the information that you need to help you make your plans.

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  • Some parts of the media have reported that in previous Games, regular tourists avoided Host Cities during the event. Does that mean things are less busy anyway?

    In addition to international spectators, it is likely that many people from across the UK will attend Games-related events. Apart from those attending ticketed events, many people will visit Live Sites and the large number of cultural events taking place across the capital and in cities across the UK.

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  • The Games are taking place during the summer holiday season. In places like London, doesn't this mean there will be fewer residents travelling in the city anyway?

    Whilst many people take holiday in August, evidence from previous summers suggests that there will still be 3.4 million people using rail and London Underground services, and 5.8 million using buses every day. An extra 855,000 people will be making Games related trips across the UK on the busiest days. Add to this the trips generated by the cultural events and Live Sites, then at some times and places, transport will be extremely busy. The Paralympic Games, which take place after the holiday season is over, will also make the transport networks very busy.

    The key transport challenge will be the large numbers of people travelling to the same place (for example, to the Olympic Park in Stratford) or in the same direction (for example, to the River zone venues in Greenwich and to the Olympic Park), placing significant pressure on some routes at certain times, and creating 'hotspots' which will be considerably busier than usual.

    Some events across the UK will take place in locations which usually experience an increase in travel during the summer months. This is the case in Weymouth and Portland and around Eton Dorney. In areas such as this, it is important that people prepare themselves for a different summer holiday season to normal.

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  • The big spectator events like the Athletics finals will be in the evening anyway, so won't they have limited impact on travel?

    The competition schedule includes a mixture of morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Whether heats or finals, it is expected that all venues will be near or at full capacity for all sessions. In addition, the session start and finish times are staggered across the day, depending on the event. Therefore departing spectators may coincide with people travelling to later events, thereby creating a cumulative impact on the transport network.

    Check the competition schedule

    See if you are in an area affected by the Games?

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  • Will London Underground services run 24 hours a day during the Games?

    London Underground operating hours will be extended during the Games, however, to allow essential maintenance to take place, they will not operate 24 hours a day. Generally, services will start at about 5.30 am and the last services from Games venues will be at 1.30am

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  • Will transport services operate differently during the Games? Where can I find more information?

    Yes, London Underground, DLR and National Rail services will operate differently during the Games. Some services will start earlier and end later, and some will run longer trains and/or more frequent services. 

    To find out more, read the summary of transport operations during the Games and transport operations by day.

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