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The re:route mobile app - available now

You can now download the mobile app that rewards you
every time you choose to walk or cycle around London.

Available for free, you can choose smarter journey options for getting around the capital, and get rewarded for it!

Whether your route is quicker, better for the environment or gets you burning more calories, you'll earn points each time.

Redeem points towards all sorts of treats - from haircuts and hotels, to shopping and spa days.

What better way to fall in love with London all over again?

Download the app now

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Olympic Games
27 July - 12 Aug
Paralympic Games
29 Aug - 9 Sept 2012
Olympics & Paralympics Logos

Going to the Games?

If you are a spectator, you can plan and book your journey from any address in Great Britain to your 2012 Games venue on the London 2012 website.

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Are you a business?

Find out how you can keep your business running smoothly during the Games.

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