27 July - 9 September

Journey times for an average weekday during the Games

Things you should know...

  • Seventy per cent of road journeys in London will be unaffected by the Games and there will be a ban on planned roadworks during the Games period. However, at certain times and in certain locations in London, roads will be affected by Games operations or by the traffic displaced by Games operations. You are advised to avoid driving in these affected areas if possible. If you need to drive into or through the affected areas between 6am and 7pm, you should allow extra time to make your journey.
  • Games venues, road events and the Olympic and Paralympic Route Network (ORN and PRN) will all affect how roads in certain places will operate during the Games. Some roads in central London and other Greater London locations, such as Richmond, Kingston, Putney, Tower Hamlets and Greenwich, will have restrictions placed on them.
  • Whilst the majority of roads in Greater London will be largely unaffected by road restrictions, areas around affected roads will be much busier than usual and should be avoided.
  • On some days, roads will be particularly affected within an area bounded by the North and South Circular.
  • If you need to drive in affected areas between the hours of 6am and 7pm, expect your journey to take longer than usual.
  • Taxi and minicab companies are being fully briefed on how road operations will be affected, but journeys could take longer than usual if they go into or across affected areas during busy times.
  • We want to give you as much information as possible, as early as possible. However, not all the finer details about transport operations are currently available, such as information about road closures or restrictions to parking and access. This is because some of the plans for the Games are still being finalised. As soon as more detailed information is available, the website will be updated. Please check back soon, or keep up-to-date by following us on Twitter.

Specific operational road changes

Olympic and Paralympic Route Network (ORN and PRN)

  • The ORN and PRN are the networks of roads that provide the routes for athletes, officials, media and operational staff to get to venues. The ORN is 109 miles in length in Greater London and will include a range of temporary traffic measures designed to ensure that target journey times are met. These temporary measures will come into operation a couple of days before the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on Friday 27 July. While most of the ORN and PRN roads are open to all road users, some specific restrictions will apply, such as no parking or stopping and changes to the permitted turns at some junctions. If you ignore these restrictions, a penalty charge will be issued.
  • On about 30 per cent of the ORN/PRN, a Games Lane will be put in place where there is at least one other lane available for general traffic. When operational, the Games Lane is for the use of Games Family. General traffic will not be permitted to use Games Lanes when they are in operation.
  • Games Lanes will be clearly marked and signed. Please watch out for these signs and do not drive in this lane, as a penalty charge will be issued if you do. Find out more 

Road events and venues

  • There are several Olympic and Paralympic road events which will affect the operation of roads at certain times and on certain days. 
  • Areas around venues will be managed to ensure that local resident and business parking is protected, and operational staff can access the venue. Find out more
  • Central London will become a venue zone during the Games and will operate differently. Check out how central London will operate 
  • Roads around the country will be affected by the Torch Relay. See further information
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