William Hill versus Bet365: The Battle of Sportsbook

Online casino industry has unlocked numerous feats over the last few years. Some of these offers gambling games in the end, but their uniqueness in terms of player-friendly features are simply breathtaking. With everyone thriving to travel at the top of the table, it is a matter of how and why to choose a particular casino, based on the availability of the games.

Two casinos today, Bet365 and William Hill have been long-time rivals in this industry, with either of them trying to be the best at whatever services they offer to the players. Both have some uniqueness like a wide array of games from top software providers in the industry. However, for critics and seekers, here is a comparative study, which will give a clear vision on how the industry works as follows.

Welcome Bonuses Galore

bet 365 illustration

Bet365: Bet365 welcomes newcomers in the casino with a deposit bonus. However, this definitely comes under some specification and clauses, which state the players require to initially deposit $10 or more. Thus, this is a deposit bonus scheme of sort, which is one of the forms of bonuses offered across various online casinos today. Register with this bonus code on Bet365.

William Hill: William Hill Casino offers new signees with bet multiplying welcome bonuses. With this, the players will require to wage in 10 pounds in the first place, for which they are entitled for 20 pounds in free bets equivalent rewards in return. This is for general game signees, for sports book signees, William Hill Casino offers the same bonus scheme with 30 pounds equivalent, only if they immediately sign up during the football world cup event. This is a great chance for the punters to make a mark as early as first-time sign up with the casino, which is known to provide a comprehensive experience for sports book lovers.

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Games Outlook

Bet65: Bet365 follows up to the players with an exhaustive array of games to talk about. No doubt, slots are available in plenty. This being said, Bet365 provides bookmakers with a competitive environment featuring sportsbook games. What draws punters in the casino is the collection of top sports available in the casino, which also comes in the form of live in-play plugin. This plug-in works out to provide seamless access for the players and allows them to get a live update on how a particular game is shifting tides and scores. Some games such as Football, Tennis, Rugby, and Cricket are among the favorites of a large chunk of players, involved to play these gambling games.

William Hill: William Hill Casino specializes in a great deal of games, which are powered by some leading industry based developers such as Microgaming, NextGen gaming and many others. Slots, once again are the most preferred forms of games available in the casino for obvious reasons. Followed by this are great set of table games, such as roulette, blackjack, craps and many others. Having all these games on one side, William Hill specializes in providing top sports book games to the players, which assures great gaming experience to the players, who loves to indulge in betting on live games. Live games here means sports, such as football, rugby are two of the keenly followed sports, which the casino provides a set deal of betting details with analytics to ensure easy betting.

Mobile App

Bet365: Bet365 is a modern-day online gambling destination today, which does not lack in any in-casino features that are commonly found today. Mobile compatibility is perhaps one of the more basic features in this feature-studded online gambling parlor. A large set of online gambling games including a large list of slots, roulette and other table games are available. Even sports book feature is available live in the mobile app, which comes for free at famous mobile OS providers today, such as Android, iOS and Windows.

William Hill: William Hill has a mobile app that allows players to bet on their favorite sporting event right from there. The mobile app is suitable for casino and sportsbook lovers, and players can check these out easily while checking the odds and betting on the events. The in-play option for betting and promotions for the app are also there to entice players. The mobile app is accessible to download for Android and Apple phone users.

High Stakes Low Odds

Bet365: Bet365 is a casino, which offers a separate interface for sportsbook players, and evidently this is one of the easiest ways to manipulate and offer in-game experiences. Some of the best games, which offer effective odds for enhancing playing experiences include Football, UFC and Rugby. These three sports assure results often favoring the customers more often than usual.

William Hill: William Hill is a casino, which is dedicated to provide a solid playing experience of sportsbook games and allows a table, which will show odds of different category-based analytics. This means, say for football match, the odds of a home team win, away team wins or even draw are given as per history and current form based analysis. This is definitely a big heads up, considering the sportsbook events are always volatile and the odds ranking shifts to the other side very quickly. There are Flash odds and more available to the punters in the mobile app.


In the end of the day, both these casinos have set a benchmark for online casinos, especially when they are dealing with an interesting game like sportsbook possessing good prospect and hefty earning chances for casinos and players alike. The analysis indicates, it is almost evenly poised, while William Hill looks more organized for hosting sportsbook type games. Thanks to the analytics features, which gives a heads up over the likes of Bet365.